Frédérique Billès
Reflex therapy Practitioner Vertébrale et Périphérique

07 67 52 73 28

Who am I?

In 2009 I suffered from facial paralysis. I took this as an invitation to look at life differently.

As a result, I trained to become an occipital pole reflexologist, following the technique pioneered by Guy Boitout and Jean Pierre Vadala.

Curious by nature, I complemented my skills by training in the NIROMATHE® method in Praxis Vertebralis neuro-foot and neurocutaneous reflexotherapy. I have incorporated this technique into my own treatment over the last few years.

That’s why I am committed to practising this technique in my reflexology work.

I have personal experience of the benefits it can bring to the body, releasing tension and pain to provide comfort and improve wellbeing every day.

From a personal perspective, this has brought a smile back to my life.

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